What I Look For In The Perfect Male Escort

In a world where everyone expects a woman to be well, a woman, it is often seen as a taboo of some sort if a woman hires a man to do a man’s job. You know what I mean! So when I told my best friend for the first time (a guy by the way) that I was seeing a male escort he went numb. He stood there just looking at me. I knew a million things must be running through his mind trying to figure out why. Finally he said Kate “What is it you look for in a male escort? And “Just what is it that you are seeking out of a male escort? Well I will tell you guys exactly what I told Jef.

First off, I’ve had many relationships and most didn’t work out mainly due to my job. I travel a lot. Anyways back to what I look for in the perfect male escort.
Confidence is like an aphrodisiac, I crave it. A male escort that shows confidence draws me in. Even if you are not the conversational type it turns me on and makes you more attractive.
Looks good
You do not have to be a prince to look good. It is all about the way you dress and present yourself. Pick out nice outfits to wear, mix them up and put your own little twist into it. It does not have to be designer clothes either. It is how you wear it that matters. Wear the clothes, do not let the clothes wear you, and be comfortable in it.
Be Unique
Make it hard for other women to put you in a group, like jocks, geeks, handsome, rich etc. The last one sounds good, but if you do not quite fit into it you get bumped into another group you do not like. Let my friends see you as “that guy” not one of those guys.
Be Interesting
Always have interesting things going on in your life, I can sense how happy you are and would love to be part of it. That is where most dating sites go wrong, again people lie on those profiles, adding to their profiles activities they have never done just to look interesting and increase their odds of meeting women.
I was a lawyer, I love to solve mysteries. I love the feeling of wanting to know what you are all about, but cannot quite put my hands on it.
Be Fulfilled
When I want something I always go for the best or at least someone at the top. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s just something about a man at the top of his grind you know. Really I just love men that are of great importance to their team or colleagues. The male escort I see every week aspires to be an actor, it makes me feel secure that I’m with a go getter and he will not quit till he gets what he wants.


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